Dwyane Wade should be the NBA’s MVP


Dwyane Wade is pretty good afterall. Remember all the critics of him last season when he couldn’t stay healthy and the Heat had a really bad year? Remember when the Miami Heat won a title a few years ago and we all thought that this was the start of an NBA dynasty with D-Wade and Shaq leading the way?

Dwyane wasn’t going to be down for a long time. He bounced back in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and has really bounced back from his injury plagued 2007-08 season and should be on track to winning the league’s Most Valuable Player award.

Now, I don’t think he’s going to win it. But he should, at least in my opinion.

LeBron James is going to win the MVP award and maybe he should considering the Cleveland Cavaliers wouldn’t be where they are right now without the help of LeBron.

Kobe Bryant is going to also be a frontrunner for MVP because he won it last year and because he has led the Lakers to the best record in the NBA once again. Kobe is third in the league in scoring and is playing some really good basketball right now as his team tries to clinch the number 1 overall seed in the playoffs.

But what about D-Wade, who just happens to be the NBA’s leading scorer?

This guy is on a tear right now. Averaging 29.7 points per game and helping the Miami Heat to a 34-28 record right now, which is good enough for fifth in the Eastern Conference.

The main reason D-Wade deserves the MVP award is simply because of the fact that he can do it all and has done it all season long.

Wade really has no supporting cast in South Beach. It’s a one man show and Wade has shown that he can single handedly beat teams by himself.

All the other MVP candidates have guys to turn the ball to when they are struggling.

But Wade doesn’t.

If LeBron struggles, he has Mo Williams, Delonte West, Joe Smith and Zydrunas Ilgauskas to turn to. If Kobe struggles, he can get the ball to Pau Gasol, Jordan Farmar, Trevor Ariza, Derek Fisher, and Andrew Bynum (when he’s healthy). Kobe and LeBron have options. That’s why these guys can sit out in the fourth quarter and their teams can still destroy the opponent.

If Wade sat out the fourth quarter, the Heat would be done. Wade really has no one. Yeah, there’s Michael Beasley and the newly-acquired Jermaine O’Neal. But Beasley is still young and adapting to the NBA and O’Neal’s All-Star days are unfortunately long gone for him.

D-Wade, who has scored 41, 35, 42, 25 and 48 points in all five of the Heat’s March games, has really had to take games over in order for the Heat to have any success. In those five games, he played 40 minutes, 39, 40, 41 and 50. In the game where he played 40 minutes, he was ejected for arguing with the officials and had 25 points in a 99-89 loss to LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In his last three games, LeBron has scored 21, 14 and 32 points respectively. I’m not taking anything away from LeBron because he has been phenomenal to watch this season and his presence alone has made the Cleveland Cavaliers one of, if not the best, team in the Eastern Conference.

LeBron will win the MVP and he is very deserving of it. In my opinion, LeBron has been much more fun to watch this season than in years past. This season, he has shown that he can take over a game in a flash and when he’s not settling for the outside shot, he can be very dangerous inside.

The Heat-Cavaliers game a few days ago where LeBron had 48 and Wade had 42 was classic. LeBron’s triple double on Tuesday night against the Clippers was awesome. I wasn’t sold on LeBron coming into this season, but he has shown me a lot and I really think he will win the MVP.

The same can be said about Kobe Bryant. He is deserving of another MVP award with everything he has done and everything that the Los Angeles Lakers have done, especially since Bynum went down.

I just think an argument can be made for Dwyane Wade. Because without Wade, the Heat would be a lottery team.


Just like they were last season, without Wade.

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